Our Profile

We at Chemtech Speciality are committed to providing our clients with proactive solutions and industry expertise. We have been enhancing our solutions and services to serve a variety of segments including coatings, construction, plastics, cosmetics, packaging, pharmaceuticals and biomedical industry. With state-of-art solutions, customised for industry-specific needs, we, at Chemtech, can provide you with better insights, knowledge, and expertise specific to your industry.

Our broad spectrum of high-quality products gives us the ability to match a precise, efficient, and the cost-effective process which meet client-specific needs. Chemtech Speciality is a one-stop solution to provide with custom offerings that builds lasting partnership that go beyond usual business parameters.Our philosophy emphasises on detailed engagement with customers, assisting in product design for efficient production, value enhancement & boosting profitability.

Chemtech Speciality Working Module:

At ChemTech Speciality, our working module focuses on the following tenents as our core in serving our clientele.

  • Proactive Solutions: By working closely with our valued clients, Team Chemtech can anticipate the products and services needed, helping them concentrate dedicated efforts towards their endeavors.
  • Technical Expertise: Our Experts provide the clients with an industry-specific solution to resolve every need, working closely with the new development of various segments Chemtech specialises in.
  • Dedicated Client Service: We at Chemtech Speciality, assist our clients whenever they have any challenges or need help with any of the products, in all possible ways.
  • Industry Trends and Insights: Our industry experts aim to provide our clients with the industry-specific knowledge to solve problems and uncover opportunities.

Our Ideology

World around us is changing dramatically & all the business industries are progressing rapidly. Just surviving & staying stable in this ever-changing era is not an option. Continuous growth can only keep anybody alive & make any person thrive in the world of business.

As an ‘African Proverb’ Says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We at Chemtech Speciality believe collaboration is the key to sustainable growth. Mere transactions can make

1 + 1 = 2 & collaboration can make 1 + 1 = 11. Business transactions may or may not happen every time but long lasting relationships always fuel growth opportunities sooner or later. Win-Win approach works well for long term mutually beneficial associations. We at ChemtechSpeciality ensure that all our stakeholders i.e. team members, suppliers/service providers,  customers, share holders& industry are benefitted regularly by taking conscious reciprocal efforts. Therefore our association with all these stakeholders doesn’t only limit to professional relationship but in a way, we become partners of each other for the objective of collaborative growth.Hence Core Purpose of Chemtech Speciality is “To Build Growth Partnerships!”


Our Core Values:


Being Intelligent:
We believe in application of our knowledge for executing ideas & capitalising opportunities successfully.

We commit what we can deliver & deliver what we commit.

We thrive towards sustainable progress of individuals & organization in all aspects.

Win-Win Relationships:
We build enduring and mutually beneficial Partnerships.